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in the future
i imagine teenagers
walking around with handguns they doubly use as phones

this way
they can talk to a friend,
say “hold on one minute, larry” and then shoot someone
for doing something
or nothing

they could film their homicides maybe snapchat their heroics
of civic duty

all criminals
all heroes, what’s the difference?

and that’s right
the popular name
of countless teenagers
in the future
will be larry

Poem read at Interzone


at the twilight exit

bar two men who look
like offensive linemen play
i can’t imagine the minor
crashes of the pucks
meet their testosterone needs
but then again in the
twilight electronic indie
music plays a petite
man in jean shorts with
a skinny mustache
carries his melon
margarita to the back
patio that is littered
with idealists


is the most aggressive
act at this bar
a bar fight
might as well
be science fiction
or like
juggling human
heads that
have recently
been set
on fire

social media in old age
Poem read at Interzone

social media in old age
enter more appropriate social media term, whatnot

what are we going to do
about the facebook* in
my your
70s and beyond?

people dying
dead people sick
their pictures
profiles then
who is going to
delete their profiles?
who will have all
the passwords?
what does this
look like for an
older person?

constant reminders
of death disease
arthritis cirrhosis
of the liver

here’s a photograph
or a video
of larry not
drinking in
cabo san lucas
or larry
not walking around
just in bed checking
blood pressure
here’s larry’s new
bed pan
or here’s a post
from judy
she has no memory
no mind really
of yesterday’s post

no i should cut
out that facebook
social media
because it’s going
to get sad

glad your hemmorhoids
have cleared up
larry thumbs up
i like that a lot

i count my blessings before i sleep
Poem read at Interzone

i count my blessings before i sleep

thanks for the rose made of bamboo
you bought me
in vietnam for driving my car into
the woods and totaling it in tulsa

thanks for breaking my hand in houston thanks for
pressuring me to pick you up from prom
even though i was on house arrest

for nearly drowning me in indonesia
for cheating on me with moby
thanks for going into the mental hospital without
telling me thanks for moving away

for dying
then coming back to life

for ripping me off every holiday

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