Drawing by the amazing  Grant Whipple

Drawing by the amazing Grant Whipple



For years, Walter Moore has been writing & publishing his off poems in various literary journals. As Walt says it, “I wrote poems in middle school in Houston because the teachers made me; I wrote poems in high school because Oklahoma was batshit depressing; I wrote poems in college because I wasn’t that great at tennis; and I’ve been writing, performing & teaching poems around the world the past 20 years because it’s a decent thing to do.” He’s also served as a journalist for a few newspapers, and (amid/before-after/’tween other jobs, e.g. = lifeguard, server, line cook, law clerk, tennis teaching professional, soccer coach, garbage collector, hand model, fluffer, drum circler, amateur jerk ass, small fire runner) has taught writing & literature at the college level for fifteen years. He’s zigzagged around the country-world a few dozen times, having lived in Houston, Austin, OKC, Denver, Indiana, Australia, Indonesia; Salinas, California; Stowe, Vermont; Providence, Rhode Island; Brooklyn, and Seattle. (BA English = DePauw University, MFA Creative Writing = Texas State University, PhD American Studies = Purdue University). He currently lives in Corvallis, where he teaches in the School of Writing, Literature, and Film at Oregon State University. If you’d like to get ahold of him or his poems, email
*One note: Walt just published his book of poems, my lungs are a dive bar with EMP Books (2019). If you’d like a copy, please don’t hesitate to contact him. The dude is pretty nice.