walter moore: ba. mfa. phd. cbd. thc. lived in about 20 towns/cities/countries, resided on street, in car, penthouse, condo, apartments, houses between, greyhounds. poet writer performer dancer sleeper friend partner. teaches and lives and plays in corvallis, oregon, with dog lloyd and lady friend erica.

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my tattoo artist is my guru
i go to him for wisdom advice
even when i don’t need a tattoo

for example i have a stupid
rose tattoo because i couldn’t
come up with a better idea
but i wanted to hear a parable
from him

one anecdote involves damon
(his name is damon) monkey
mouthing a neo nazi

damon has founded an
organization in north
central indiana that
tortures neo nazis

his crew call them that
recently preyed
on a neo nazi rally
left a few nearly dead he
says the police didn’t care
kind of encouraged it

”i monkey mouthed that
motherfucker hit my gun
into his mouth so hard fucking
fascist cried like he was sucking
on his mom’s rib cushions”

these wonders my rose
looks sublime now it does
a symbol for monkey mouthing
for getting it all right on skin
for believing in something
better than you think
somewhere between
the street and god
damon and his justice acts
i keep learning


i count my blessings before i sleep

thanks for the rose made of bamboo
you bought me
in vietnam for driving my car into
the woods and totaling it in tulsa

thanks for breaking my hand in houston thanks for
pressuring me to pick you up from prom
even though i was on house arrest

for nearly drowning me in indonesia
for cheating on me with moby

thanks for going into the mental hospital without
telling me thanks for moving away

for dying
then coming back to life

for ripping me off every holiday


billy collins

went to a poety reading in indiana given by billy collins

he is a funny bald man and i
enjoyed what he had to say

he worked the room

after the reading all us kids met up with collins
at a dive of a bar called the duck

billy really put the drinks back and
i think he was hitting on my girlfriend

i had a nice conversation with him
about writing and baseball

later on in the night billy found
himself at my friend slabaugh’s house

we call slabaugh balls

there were a handful of us there

balls has a large brown dog and
billy was wrestling with it

at one point in the night billy was
on all fours barking like a dog himself

i’d always wanted to meet a poet laureate